Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks, Nancy!

One of the writing exercises I like to use to help me get to know my students is to have them write a 15-sentence self portrait, and idea inspired by Wendy Bishop. I shared this exercise with my friends on the English Teacher Talk List (you can join the list interversity.org) years ago.

The best thing about being on a listserv is that when you share, it gets returned to you in unexpected ways. Nancy Steen, a New Hampshire teacher and longtime listfriend, took the idea and added a terrific new twist to it. After having her students write their 15-sentence self portraits, she had them take them to wordle and turn them into artwork.

And that inspired me to dust off one of my 15-sentence portraits (not of myself alone, but a memory of my father) and try the same thing. You can see my results below.

If you are not part of an ongoing professional community, like a listserv or a writing project, I highly recommend finding one and joining. Doing so yeilds terrific results.


Dr. Bad Ass said...

This is interesting, and I had forgotten about it on the listserv. Thanks for the reminder!

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Thanks for the tips!

Recently, I joined two Nings (lighthouseliteracy.ning.com and teachap.ning.com)...but the traffic has slowed (imagine teachers being busy!). I am going to check our your recommendations.