Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Google Sometime Sucks

Maybe they have gotten just too $!&$*# big for their own $%^$#^ good.

I am trying, really trying hard, to sign my students up to Google so we can use Google Docs in my classes. Google, in a measure of corporate responsibility, has set up a program that if too many addresses are being set up from the same IP address too quickly, then no more can be added for about 24 hours. Ten seems to be the limit. I can live with that. I can use several different computers with several different IP addresses.

However, as a way to just annoy the @$#%$^& out of me, there is also something that makes me reenter info for a student anywhere from 3-20 times before accepting it. This is maddening. I recopy the passwords and type in the capcha word. Then I do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over... ad nauseum.

There is no number to call. There is no address to email. Google remains totally aloof from the problems its users encounter. It is not even slightly amusing. It is frustrating and aggravating. I doubt that anyone at Google will give a flying flip about the problems I am having, but wouldn't the universe be better place if they did.


Glenn said...


You did not pay for using Google Docs. You are not required to use it.

Other software that does the same thing exists -- some even for free.

You are blessed by the abundance of free choices.

Art said...

Thank you, Glenn, for pointing out the painfully obvious.