Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random End of Year Short Poems

If I am going to encourage and insist that my students write, it is only fair that I do as well. I like shorter verse quite often: haiku, tanka, senryu, kwansaba. Here are a few I have written (mainly during lunch duty) in the past week or two.

where they hear music
all i can perceive is noise--
generation gap

©2010-Art Belliveau

the saddest fact is
i just cannot reach them all--
but i have to try

©2010-Art Belliveau

greeting his friends while
moving from table to table--
lunchtime is busy

©2010-Art Belliveau

outside the classroom
flying free from branch to branch
the joyful bird sings

©2010-Art Belliveau

The end of the school year comes,
at times seeming glacial in its pace.
Other times it flashes forward. It seems
as though I am living my life
as part of a cosmic traffic jam.
Moving in fits and starts, but aching
to find open road and cruise away.

©2010-Art Belliveau


WilmingtonUHollySullivan said...

It is wonderful how you can turn simple observations into beautiful works of art. Do your students have access to this site?

Art Belliveau said...

My school system blocks off blogger. But I let my students know about my blog and they are welcome to visit it from computers other than those the school system controls.

Thanks for the compliment. Sometimes laughter is the only rational option.