Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creating Fun Ways to Study Vocabulary

I have found some cool new sites to help me get my students ready for the vocabulary I teach them. I go with the idea of teaching them Greek and Latin root words. And I start with numerical prefixes. A great big shout out to Ted Nellen for originating this idea and turning me on to it about ten years ago or so.

Classtools.net is the first site I like. I used it to create these two games.

Click here for full screen version

Click here for full screen version

I also used Pro Profs to create this stack of flash cards to help my students study.

Powered By ProProfs: Create Flashcards

I have felt the need to give my students these kinds of tools in order to get them to study. I am hoping that if I make the studying a bit more fun they will focus more on it.

These are all on my website for the students.

What do you think of these games?

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