Thursday, October 16, 2008

Less Than Heroic

I am back from my wonderfully short, but still beloved, fall break. My school system takes a couple of days off after the first semester ends. This year it was Monday and Tuesday for the teachers and students, and Wednesday for the students—teachers had an inservice day. It is a nice break in the middle of the semester.


It seems my body knows when I am about to get a chance to relax and sees that as an opportunity to break down. Sure enough I woke up Sunday with a raging headache and a feeling of extreme fatigue. This kept up all day. Monday I wasn’t any better. I got worse. At a clinic Monday night I almost passed out before being violently ill. I was given two IV bags of fluids, some meds, and told not to drive myself home.

Tuesday was much the same.

By yesterday I was almost feeling human and was able to eat and keep down some solid food. I did not make the inservice day.

I am not at 100% yet. I am able to show up at work and try to do my job. My students are going to be working on putting together a movie review in here today and tomorrow. Logically, then, it follows that they need to see a movie in order to do so. So we are watching Spider-Man. It is not the best use of class time, but I need to have them doing something that requires a minimal physical functioning from me.

Besides, it is a two day week. Not enough time to start anything heavy. And heck, they deserve a rest now and then, too.

Is this my proudest moment as a teacher? No, not really. Then why blog about this to the whole few people who read this? Because sometimes this is what happens in a classroom. Sometimes the teacher is not at 100%. That is a part of the way it is. And if I only blog about the things I do well, or the things going on that tick me off, I am not being as honest as I think I should be.

So, I hope to be back at a higher level by Monday. Until then


Mrs. Lux said...

I appreciate your honesty Art. Although as teachers we are sometimes the most selfless people, it is true that we need to make sure we're healthy first. It's important that you care for yourself, because you won't be much use to those learners if your health declines because you push yourself too much. I hope you feel better soon!
- talkie & blogger

Art said...

Thanks! I am trying to feel better. I am at maybe 70-75% at the moment, not counting a new problem that has just developed. As Roseanne Rosannadanna might say, "It's always something!"

PoetLady said...

My son (age 7) just really got into Spiderman and comic books. They grow up so fast, I remember when neither you nor I had kids back in the Patchwork days.

I have always thought it must be hard to teach when sick, whatever. It's a demanding job.

I recently asked someone else so if you feel like did you decide you wanted to be a teacher?

I enjoy your daily quotes.